Nick Elmoor is a Brazilian photographer based in Brasilia. 
He received a Kodak Instamatic 33 camera as a Christmas gift when he was 12 years old. Six months later, Nick was already developing his own negatives. Thus began a journey paved with challenges but also extraordinary images. Since the 1980s Nick has worked in advertising and commercial photography. He has also taught photography to university students and is constantly developing new and exciting art projects. 
Born in Rio, he has spent time shooting in Italy, Israel, England and Canada. In Brazil, he has worked primarily in São Paulo and Brasília, but his assignments have taken him into every corner of the country. Nick believes that to become a photographer is destiny: “You don’t choose to be a photographer. Photography chooses you. Once you have caught the bug, there is no turning back.”

+ 55 61 999787800

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